Ismion focuses on the development of machine learning algorithms and applications. After reviewing different platforms for (big or potentially big) data analysis we have been actively developing a machine learning library. Ismion has active partnerships with  LogicBlox, HPCCSystems  (LexisNexis), Revolution Analytics as well as with the GraphLab community. The selection of these platforms is 

About Ismion

based on the scalability and ease of development, as well as ability to develop end to end solutions in a single system. There is no clear winner. Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses. Of course all of these platforms are being rapidly developed and the trend has shown that the development teams are very active and committed to deliver high quality software that meets the requirements of the data analysis market. It would be unfair and naive to claim that other platforms like hadoop, spark, couchDB etc that do not appear in the list are not good solutions for big data. Most of them are widely spread and they are used successfully used in big production systems.

History and Mission

Ismion Inc is the predecessor of Analytics1305, a startup which jumped out from the FASTLAB at Georgia Tech. Ismion  was founded by Nikolaos Vasiloglou in 2010 with the mission to transfer academic knowledge to industry. In the era of big data, companies gain competitive advantage by deploying more accurate and precise algorithms. Accuracy can be gained either by new intellectual property typically produced in academic labs, or by scaling existing algorithms on bigger volumes of data. Ismion helps implementation of existing high quality academic papers on production platforms. This solution doesn't always scale as high quality development on languages like C++ or java is typically slow and not agile. This is why Ismion is working on the development of a productivity language that can easily express  a big class of numerical algorithms and compile to a high performance language like C++. Even if we achieve easy expressiveness of complex algorithms, companies still need engineers that understand machine learning. Ismion actively works on training experienced engineers from Fortune 500 companies and fresh out of the college graduates on machine learning concepts and algorithms.